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Is it enough to install screens to impress at the point of sale?

digital screens

The screens are already a reality and these are one of the easiest supports to implement. But, can we say that a single screen can impress and/or generate a sensory experience towards the client? The screen is more than the brand communication window. The screen is the digital link in the physical space of the brand’s omnichannel strategy.

It is not enough to install large-format screens or video walls. This is not enough to impress the customer because the client is already used to see screens in different spaces. However, with a good omnichannel and experiential strategy at the point of sale, where the customer can smell, touch and listen, we will surely be able to positively impact him.

What is the unique experience in retail and how we managed to create it

Sensory experience’s word is very used in the point of sale. In retail, we try to connect with the emotional part of the buyers to transmit the values of the brand, always in a creative and innovative way.

The impacts received at the point of sale are innumerable. The buyer is in the middle of a crowded space of posters where he is receiving constant messages. Given this scenario is not strange that the buyer does not know how to process the information well and his experience is not remarkable.

However working the digital content signage strategy from the marketing department, brands will be able to meet the needs of the consumer and invite him to interactparticipate and think. Bringing the consumer closer to the product and generate a link, a unique experience that will increase consumers’ loyalty toward brands.