Digital Signage

Assets Manager for Digital Signage: Simplify project management

Overview of assets manager

In the realm of digital signage, the introduction of an effective asset manager is a game-changer. When doing Digital Signage it’s obvious that you can’t play contents without displays, players, and many other hardware. Therefore, it makes no sense to be able to control perfectly all your contents without the ability to manage the needed hardware. At Waapiti we want to cover all the aspects of a Digital Signage project and the Waapiti’s Assets Manager is a step forward in our target to make Digital Signage easy.

Why Assets Manager?

  • Comprehensive Record Keeping: This feature carefully records every asset and related actions at each location. It offers a complete overview of your installations, managing both the hardware and its maintenance well.
  • Efficient Intervention Reports: Using automatic forms, technicians can easily record every action taken. This ensures precise tracking of all activities at each location, helping manage your digital signage assets effectively.

Maximise project management with the Assets Manager

Adopt Waapiti’s Assets Manager and transform your Signage network, ensuring every component is monitored, every update is tracked, and efficiency is maximised. Dive into the world of easy digital signage management with Waapiti.

You can learn more about Assets Manager in this article of our Knowledge Base.

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