More than a support,
a tool

Satisfying multiple communication and interaction needs is the proposal of Digital Signage in retail. Digitalisation in retail allows consumers to interact more easily and frequently with brands. Customer perception of the shop and the brand increases by +80% compared to shops or brands that do not have digital signage.
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How the sector improves

Improve the customer experience: It offers relevant information adjusted to the target audience and to each moment.
Increase efficiency: It allows prices and key information to be quickly and easily updated.
Get real-time metrics: It facilitates the monitoring and measurement of advertising campaigns for more than one point of sale.
Personalised communication: It segments content according to audience, location or geographic area.
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Improve communication: It makes customers feel more receptive to the information received.
Scale easily: Whether you have 10 or 500 screens to manage, our platform is hosted in the cloud and continuously updated, which guarantees stability, security and scalability.

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