Taking branding to
another level

The use of digital signage in car dealerships and garages has become commonplace. Waiting areas can be transformed from dull to functional and entertaining, and even become sales tools. It informs the customer, helps cross-selling and reduces the feeling of waiting.
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How the sector improves

Improve customer experience: It improves the user experience in dealerships and workshops.
Liven up the wait: It livens up the waiting time at times of high audience density.
Personalised communication: It allows you to offer segmented information and promotions based on an infinite number of variables.
Increase brand awareness and brand image: It improves brand recall and creates a coherent connection with other advertising channels.
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Save time and money: It allows you to create and edit content quickly thanks to customisable templates.
Scale easily: Whether you have 10 or 500 screens to manage, our platform is hosted in the cloud and continuously updated which guarantees stability, security and scalability.

Automotive Applications