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Waapiti is a digital signage company based in Barcelona. A complete digital signage solution designed to serve any application – from a single display through interactive kiosks, to multi-screen video walls. Service offered in 10+ countries around the world with more than 2,000 locations from different market sectors.

Waapiti is a TMM Group member, specialist in technological strategy, digital communication and sensory marketing at the point of sale, implementing its own solutions for scent marketing (BeAromic) and background music for spaces and brands (Sonat Sounds).

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We see the big picture

A digital signage project is more than reliable technology, creative media and impressive professional displays. It’s important to consider other aspects to make a project successful. We are experienced in project consultancy, long-term content strategy, hardware supply, asset management, implementation, installation and maintenance. Never underestimate a digital signage project!

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We have solid technology

Waapiti is a cutting-edge and reliable cloud management platform, continuously updated with new functionalities. Our in house department is working hard to provide management tools with user experience and usability as the main features. We carry out any audiovisual project, easily move up from simple single screen projects to video walls, LED panels, touchscreen or sensors such as RFID, barcode scanner, or many more.


We are human beings

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Our ongoing 14/7 technical support gives a quick response and communicates clearly. We are here to make long-term digital signage projects. Not only for when you need it but also to prevent you from requiring us.

Human Beings

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