At Waapiti we offer a complete Digital Signage solution designed to work
on any type of medium
, from a single screen to video walls and interactive kiosks.

We are in more than 5,000 locations in ten different countries.
Why Waapiti
We have the best technology.
We have the tools, content and compatibility with the newest screens to ensure excellent service and maximum compatibility with any device. From LCD screens to video walls, LED panels, touch screens or sensors such as RFID, barcode scanners, etc.
We offer a global service.
We can take on any part of the process of a long-term digital signage project. From project consultancy, long-term content strategy, hardware supply, project management, implementation, installation or even maintenance.
The platform is hosted in the cloud and is continuously updated.
Ours is an innovative and reliable cloud platform, which is continuously updated with new applications. Our internal department is continuously working to provide intuitive management tools, based on usability as the main feature.
We are backed by technical support throughout the project.
Our in-house continuous technical support team offers a fast and immediate response 14/7. Waapiti's objective is to carry out digital signage projects that have long-term continuity, that's why we anticipate so that the client isn’t the one who notifies us.
Millions of consumers are being impacted right now.
We are in more than 5,000 locations around the world.
Hundreds of brands have already trusted us. And many continue to do so.

We help create more than 150 million user experiences around the world. And the count keeps going up.

Talking about yourself is not easy. That's why sometimes it's best to let the data do it for you. We are in more than 10 countries, present in more than 5,000 locations. We have worked for more than 850 world-class brands and currently work with 60 multi-sector clients. Most importantly, we help increase our clients' sales by an average of 30%. That's just a few figures. But we like what they say about us.
Thanks to real-time monitoring that Waapiti offers us, we can know the status of the screens at any time. This allows us to have total control of what happens on the screens of our stores.

Yasmin Hammoud

Retail Specialist Home Cook

Developments in the Waapiti platform are allowing us to roll out faster internationally.

Jordi Geli

Director of Projects and Expansion of Kave Home

Our digital signage has gone from being static to dynamic, thanks to how easy it is to program the content with Waapiti Platform.

Laia Gausach

Marketing Online Drim