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User role system for Digital Signage CMS

At Waapiti, we understand the importance of seamless access management in digital signage platforms. That’s why we’ve engineered an intuitive user role system, specifically crafted to streamline the assignment of access levels across your team. Our innovative system recognizes the diverse functions of each employee, offering a permission-based framework. This ensures your team has the access they need, eliminating unnecessary complexities.

Overview: User Role & Policy System

Our ‘User Role’ feature comprises a collection of permissions assignable to user groups. These permissions, known as ‘Policies’, are the building blocks of our access management. They allow for precise and adaptable control over user access, ensuring your digital signage platform remains secure and efficient.

Effortless Role Creation

To create a new role:

  1. Select ‘Settings’ from the left menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Roles’ tab.
  3. Choose ‘+ New Role’ and name it.
  4. Assign policies by toggling them on or off.

For example, check out this newly created ‘Content Manager’ role:

user role system for digital signage cms

After creating a role, assigning it to a user is straightforward. Whether during the creation phase or afterward, simply use the tab in the user create/edit form to assign the role.

application for the user role system for digital signage cms

Essential Roles – Some examples

We’ve identified several key roles that are universally beneficial:
  • Admin Role: Ideal for managers with comprehensive platform control.
  • Content Creator/Designer: Focuses on content creation with an approval system.
  • Project Manager: Manages content approval and display decisions.
  • Technical Support & Installation: Handles the technical aspects of player and display installation.
  • Marketing: Utilizes platform content for social media and branding campaigns.


Best Practices for Role & Policy Management

To optimize the user experience, we suggest:
  • Establishing roles at the onset of client creation.
  • Applying the principle of least privilege for minimal access.
  • Separating duties to avoid conflicts of interest.


Troubleshooting & FAQs

Our system is designed to adapt to your team’s dynamics. Here are some FAQs for a smooth experience:
  • Q: What if a user needs more permissions?
  • A: Modify their role or consider a new role for expanded responsibilities.
  • Q: Who can edit roles?
  • A: Role editing can be assigned selectively for better management.

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