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Empowering Digital Signage: Custom communication based on point of sale

At Waapiti, we understand the evolving needs of both system integrators and end clients in the digital signage industry. Our platform offers an advanced user administration system, featuring robust roles and policy support, designed for automated content management and an overall efficient daily operation. This user system allows for custom communication based on each point of sale.

Empowering Individual Location Users

A key feature of our platform is the ability to create ‘Location Group’ users. These users have access to a group of locations within a digital signage project, providing a customized level of control and flexibility. This is ideal for large clients with several locations that have specific needs in their digital communication.

Key Features for Location Users

  • Content Upload: each individual location can easily upload their own content to the digital signage platform. With options for approval workflows, this feature guarantees consistent quality and brand alignment, crucial for automated content management strategies.
  • Dynamic Content Creation with Templates: they can also create captivating animations using the available templates from the main client account. This configurable feature, requiring approval for new content, ensures all displays align with the client standards.
  • Social Media Integration: individual locations can share content directly to their own social media accounts. This bridges the gap between digital signage and social media, crucial for integrated digital communication strategies.
  • Template Variables: template-based content created by the main client can be customized, allowing each individual location to edit certain variables like prices, titles, and languages. That way, the same piece of content has different values across different displays.
  • Open Slots: the main client can define open slots in the content loop, and each location user can fill them with approved content, allowing for a dynamic and responsive content strategy. This feature is particularly useful for clients interested in allowing a certain degree of customization for each of their individual stores.
  • Edit and Publish Calendars: when a certain calendar is used within a certain location group, it is possible for the location user to edit and publish these calendars, ensuring content schedules are precisely managed and relevant to each location.
  • View-Only Access: allow each location user to maintain control and oversight with view-only access to content, channels, and more. This feature is vital for clients requiring a secure overview of the digital signage network.

Unmatched Control and Flexibility for Store Chains

Waapiti’s Location Group functionalities are designed specifically for store chains, offering precise, custom communication based on each point of sale.. This approach ensures that the digital signage content is not only engaging but also highly relevant to each unique location. System integrators and partners benefit from these advanced features, improving the functionality offered to their clients, and enhancing customer engagement and ensuring effective content management in every aspect of their digital signage solutions.

You can learn more about Location groups in this article of our Knowledge Base.

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