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Waapiti updates Aopen player’s approved list

player aopen

Hardware manufacturers continuously release new models, which must be tested with our digital signage platform before they can be implemented in any project. In recent months we have expanded our product range with Aopen manufacturer, with whom we have already carried out various digital signage and interactivity projects.

Below there is the current list of Aopen models approved by Waapiti:

What kind of players are supported?

The Waapiti platform uses both standalone players and displays with SoC embedded players (most manufacturers in the market have released several SoC models). As far as external players are concerned, we consider two types: the standard Waapiti players, which are Intel NUC and Raspberry Pi; and the homologated ones, which are players from other manufacturers, such as Aopen.

Why so many models of players?

After these latest hardware additions, Waapiti technology can be used by more content player devices. This flexibility of our digital signage platform is an advantage for our customers, offering them a wide range of possible players. In this sense, projects with Waapiti don’t depend on a single content player. Instead, it is possible to combine different hardware as needed, depending on the needs of each project. 

Another considerable advantage is the plug and play technology. If a client already has a digital signage network and wants to switch to a new provider, it’s easier thanks to Waapiti’s wide variety of players. If you want to switch to the Waapiti management content platform, in most cases it would not be necessary to change all the hardware previously installed.

Continuous innovation is one of the values that best define the Waapiti team. We try to be as flexible and quick as possible to adapt to each new technological innovation in the digital signage sector.