Scale your chain's communication in a centralised, personalised way,
avoiding human error

Control your chain's communication in a centralised, simple and remote way so that it does not depend on the employees and change your brand’s philosophy or values. Establish the margins of freedom you want to give to each location for greater personalisation but always ensuring corporate and authorised brand control.
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How the sector improves

Increase efficiency: Take control of franchisee communication from your head office.
Notoriety and brand image: Ensure the coherence and consistency of your visual identity across all your franchisees by following your brand guidelines.
Personalised communication: Free up space within the corporate channel so that each franchisee can personalise some of the content on screens and generate a more satisfactory experience for their specific type of customer.
Cost savings: Reduce the costs of content production on screens, thanks to customised templates according to the corporate visual identity.
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Real-time monitoring: Keep track of what is being communicated on every screen in every venue. You will know what is being shown and where at any given moment.
Easy management: Program the content of all signage in a matter of minutes, defining what is shown on each screen, each day and in each time slot, to suit the needs of your business.

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