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Covid19 prevention technology: In-store capacity solution for digital signage

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There are two new concepts to face in this “new normality” after Covid19 crisis; the social distancing and the capacity of each public space. Both requirements could be easily resolved with Waapiti’s Covid19 prevention solutions for digital signage.

We introduce in-store capacity, an easy solution to inform and control the flow of people inside any public space. Customer’s flow is automatically calculated using 2D and 3D counting cameras positioned at the entrance. The information obtained from this smart system can be displayed in real-time on digital signage screens positioned in the entrance.

Displays provide information about customers flow and alert them if they can enter or not enter, ensuring safety to customers and keeping them always informed. Simultaneously, it is also possible to broadcast corporate information, Covid19 prevention measures or promotional messaging.

in-store capacity solution

Additionally, we can provide other integrated solutions such as controlling automatic doors, people temperature monitoring, hand sanitizer dispensing (provided by our trusted partner in scent marketing) or speakers integration for audio messages (provided together by Sonat Sounds’s background music services). There is also the option to add different extra information, for example, display in real-time the percentage of customer’s flow on screens, feed information on expected wait times or access to a very detailed dashboard.

Waapiti’s in-store capacity solution is fully customizable

The visual communication and alert messages could be personalized with the brand’s corporate standard, including logotype, colours or any considered item. 

This people counting solution for capacity management can be used for other marketing purposes such as analyzing the flow of visitors in each establishment, according to hours and days, etc. This data is increasingly interesting for marketing departments, but often the necessary interpretation tools are not available. In this way, Waapiti and TMM Group offer advice on how to make the most of this technology for a successful digital communication strategy.

Several markets – retail, supermarkets, businesses, education, healthcare, etc.- are increasingly requiring this customized solution. Considering this broad target market, our Covid19 prevention solution is adapted to each market needs and it’s available in different hardware products, ex. kiosks, ceiling support, floor-standing or integrating the displays in the furniture.