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During a digital signage project, there are specialists from different areas involved in, such as architecture, operations, audiovisual, IT or graphic design. Sometimes, the client ignores all these specialists and the importance of coordination between them. Often, it is believed that a digital signage project is just deciding “where to install the hardware” – a LED panel or LCD screen depending on the space – and “how we integrate it into the furniture so that the wiring is not visible.”

In addition to all these more technical AV areas, a turnkey digital signage project also includes other areas such as customer service, IT, content design or audiovisual production. We have seen a perfectly integrated LED display with a 3-millimetre pixel pitch, an impressive project but the client does not know how to manage and play the content. Examples like this made deployment done are not seen in its greatest quality.

Digital signage specialists offer turnkey projects and include different services that answer many questions such as: What content do we play? How should these contents be? How are we going to manage them? Or What happens if I have an issue and something does not work?

These added services are sometimes offered by an internal team or other times by a content agency or hardware provider. These are departments of content creation, technical assistance or IT development.

As experts in the sector, we want to explain the value of working with companies like us. In Waapiti we have internal departments specialized in strategy, content creation and content adaptation. We have content management and distribution platform and technical assistance to solve any possible issues for each specific project and client’s reality.