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Digital Signage Solution: Guidance and signaling of car parks

Waapiti Platform has enabled displaying information for customers on the screens of LIDL car parks.

Digital Signage for car park

The Waapiti platform enables the integration of any third-party system (in this case the car park guidance system) with the digital signage, substantially improving the user experience. The challenge in this case was to optimize traffic in the car park and help the customer find parking, thus reducing the chances of traffic jams.

Proximity sensors placed on the ceiling make it possible to recognize when the space is free or occupied. The joint work of these proximity sensors and the Waapiti platform made it possible to visually display the amount of available spots, as well as indicate their location between different floors.

Today, a commercial car park without a parking guidance system seems to be something from the past. Thanks to the screens and the content management system, Digital Signage has reached car parks.

The Waapiti platform allows you to create screen partitions, where in addition to displaying useful information about parking space guidance, an area for promotional space is available. Technology allows us to effectively schedule and plan all types of advertising campaigns, since the content can be adapted at any time, to any target and simultaneously on all devices. This advertising content in car parks can be of all kinds (news, local agenda, videos, advertisements, rates, etc.) thus guaranteeing a great impact, attention and acceptance by customers.

These multiple options for broadcasting and managing different content are possible without taking into account that the immersion of our client could be much greater, by adding background music in the car park, synchronizing the visual content with a musical strategy.

There are endless possible integrations with the Waapiti platform. Parking guidance is just one of them. The possibilities with databases and external variables are almost endless.

Here you can see a video showing this system:

Are you thinking of incorporating a guidance system in your car parks? Do you need background music in your space?

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