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A summary of our time at ISE 2022

This year we had the opportunity to showcase the new features of Waapiti, our revamped digital signage platform, as well as our new website and visual identity.

In the first place, we present our new corporate image and new website together with all the new features that the latest version of the WAAPITI platform brings.

Among the latest features launched by WAAPITI for content management we find:

  • open slots (empty spaces within channels where the client/location/franchisee can upload their own personalized content, regardless of the general channel)
  • new hierarchical approval systems
  • new dashboard where you can find metrics that allow greater control in real time of everything that is happening with the entire fleet of screens.

A version with fully optimized processes, very intuitive and easy to use that allows you to take content management to the next level.

Finally, we want to explain to both resellers and AV integrators or hardware providers, the WAAPITI partner program.

A long-term commitment with many benefits and optional services such as continuous training, tools to easily manage and configure players, technical support for complex projects, content strategy consulting and hardware supply. Every day more technology integrator companies have prescribed and integrated WAPITI, through our partner program.

In WAAPITI you will find a partner to rely on for the development of any project that requires a basic or advanced digital signage solution.

Partner access to the platform will provide them with intelligent, robust, fully scalable and up-to-date control and management tools in a single CMS with all the latest developments on the market. Allowing a unified management of any team and any of its clients.

Each quarter WAAPITI incorporates new functionalities that make the platform evolve to offer new functionalities, new integrations with more manufacturers of both hardware and software and thus be able to offer support to any type of project, improvements in infrastructure and security.

Under our motto DIGITAL SIGNAGE WITH NO LIMITS, this year we have migrated more than 1,000 screens that were managed inefficiently.

Today, almost any digital signage network using Windows-based players has the possibility of being remotely migrated to WAAPITI, thus unifying, under a single WAAPITI CMS, networks installed with different screens and all managed in a stable manner and without the need for constant updating of the operating system.