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Digital template’s creation and management in directories

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The transition from static to digital is becoming more frequent. Digital signage screens in waiting rooms or receptions of health care centers is already a reality. Therefore, in these centers is more common to see floors and doctor’s directories in digital format.

The health care sector is adapting to these new technologies every day. They have overcome the digital barrier. But the problem of content updating sometimes remains latent. There are screens installed, but how are these contents created and managed quickly and efficiently?

Digital signage platforms such as Waapiti are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to them, marketing and communication departments improve their distribution and remote content update processes. But many departments still face a challenge: how to speed up daily content creation.

How to create and update daily content on screens

Digital signage tools such as Waapiti, make it easy to edit daily content through HTML templates. This type of content is available on the Waapiti’s web-based platform and has been created according to each client’s needs. In the health care sector, for example, templates simplify the updating of digital directories.

Digital content management through HTML templates

Clinica Nuestra Señora del Remei’s project is an example of content management through templates. A 2 vertical screens video wall has been implemented in reception, where two different HTML templates are combined: one of them showing floors and departments; and another for the doctor’s directory. Clinica del Remei’s marketing department can edit these content from Waapiti platform, in addition to combining these templates with other content such as videos or images, and finally, apply the changes that are going to be seen immediately on the screens.