Waapiti digital signage software

Waapiti 3.0 is a web-based, serverless and scalable platform. Human-friendly and intuitive interface. The content distribution platform that supports any display.
Manage your digital signage network from any place and any device. The platform is 100% responsive and adapts to any device.

Cutting-edge and reliable cloud management platform


Unlimited Scalability​

The platform grows automatically thanks to a cloud native architecture.

IconesWeb3_high availability

High Availability​

Serverless architecture means no servers to maintain or that can fail.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is not necessarily a serverless or cloud native architecture!​

A human-friendly and intuitive interface
to distribute content everywhere

"Start playing content in just a few clicks."

Upload and manage your content easily, and organize it using tags or creating playlists.

Tag content and players by different criteria and create playlists and schedules automatically.

Create HTML content easily, simply adding your own pictures and text. Adapted to several layouts!

Show content on your screen with live data from websites, social networks, video streams, or any other online data source.

Use unlimited channels on a single player, according to your scheduling needs.

Create schedules by setting specific conditions for each player.

Improving user experience and usability

Users can be assigned different access rights such as admin, partner, franchisors or client. Additionally, users can have access to just some parts of the platform, or even certain specific elements.

Leave certain actions in the background, like uploading and previewing your content, while managing your digital signage network.

Configure your user roles to enable manager users to approve changes made by editor users.

Bulk actions on applicable data screens such as tag, delete, add content to playlist, add permissions, delete expired content, add expiration date.

Trigger content changes at specific times or according to several possible inputs such as weather conditions, emergency messages, physical buttons, external systems, etc. 

Audiovisual integration. Visual content is synchronized with in-store music.

Smart digital signage is the result of integrating
third-party systems in one cloud solution.

IconesWeb3_waapiti everywhere

Waapiti everywhere​

Supports many different standalone and SoC players.​



RFID, motion sensor, among many other.


Queue management

Control customer flow and entertain or inform on the same display.

IconesWeb3_Audience Measurement

Audience Measurement​

Collect relevant information about your potential customers and show targeted communication.


Wifi tracking​

Get insights about new and returning shoppers via wifi technology.

IconesWeb3_People Counter

People counter​

Know the amount of shoppers in your store at any time.

IconesWeb3_Home automation

Home automation​

Control your digital signage and trigger content from your Home Automation system

IconesWeb3_shelf labels

Shelf labels​

Use digital price tags and update all your prices instantly.