Digital signage Media Players

Smart technology connected everywhere

Build for stability, scalability and security

  • Scale your network easily: Just tag your new players and they’re good to go.
  • Smart content distribution: Players synchronize just the necessary content and schedules information.
  • Store & forward technology: Downloaded content keeps playing on schedule, even during connectivity issues. Live content is always played or streamed online. In case of connectivity issues, live content is skipped.
  • Networking monitoring: Check the status of your player’s network.

Plug & Play

Connect players to any display and start playing content instantly.
Player Waapiti Nuc

Connect Everywhere

Waapiti powers any type of display: projectors, video walls, touchscreens, mobile devices, jumbotron, electronic shelf labels or LED panels.

Automatic updates

Receive software updates and improvements without any intervention from your side.
player nuc Waapiti

Video Scaler

Waapiti player scales content automatically to adapt to LED screens. You don’t need an extra hardware scaler!
Scales content automatically

Discover supported media players

Different players to suit any digital signage projects
Use standalone or a display with SoC embedded player.
Several Waapiti player models are available, depending on the required functionalities for each project. Use Waapiti Lite for simple digital signage projects such as playing images and videos on a single LCD display. Otherwise, if you need a video wall or LED display, even playing an interactive tool, integrate some sensors, or just display HTML content, then Waapiti Regular is exactly what you need.
It’s possible to install Waapiti firmware on other approved hardware such as Aopen players, Aopen eTile Series and Yetitablet. This range of all-in-one touch displays from 10 inches to 65 inches is perfect for interactive digital signage kiosk.
SoC (System on Chip) means that a media player is embedded within the display. Many manufacturers integrate this technology into their screen. Now Waapiti is supporting these devices: Samsung, LG, NEC.

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