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Whether you are a reseller, an AV integrator or a hardware supplier, the Waapiti partner program becomes the complete solution you have been waiting for. A long-term partnership with useful and optional advantages such as continuous training, easy configuration and management tools, technical support for complex projects, content strategy consultancy and hardware supply.

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Partner Program

"Partners can choose from optional services and functionalities, creating a tailor-made partner program."

Waapiti Software
The Waapiti platform consists of a powerful, intuitive and user-friendly tool which allows partners to easily manage their client’s screens, allowing them to easily create custom and segmented content loops for each individual screen. A large range of useful solutions that give added value in different areas.
  • Different access levels: partner, client, location
  • Permissions per functionality for each user
  • Manage players, users and licenses
  • Monitor player status
  • New features updated continuously
A management platform that ensures long-term success for your projects.
Several player models are available, depending on the required functionalities, including SoC embedded players from major display manufacturers. We can provide them if needed, but you can also use your own player! Simply install our Waapiti firmware on any approved hardware and you’re good to go. In addition, we offer hardware supply: providing any hardware like displays, speakers or LED panels.
  • Firmware available to install in your own player
  • Support for all display SoC embedded players
Partner will benefit from a business model with recurring revenue. A Waapiti partner will be able to face any kind of project, from a simple single-screen project to videowalls, LED panels, touchscreen or sensors such as RFID, barcode scanner, or many more.
  • Free partner certification
  • Free continuous training sessions
  • Training materials such as user guides and videos
  • Marketing materials such as presentations
  • Support in meetings with potential clients
  • Assistance in data analysis
Give an extra value to any digital signage project. In-house media strategy consultancy. A long-term content strategy scheduling according to marketing goals and communication strategy per display.
  • Access to Waapiti themed contents
  • Content creation, adaptation and licensing
  • Content creation: 2D and 3D motion graphics
  • HD filming and adaptation of existing media
  • Interactive content design and development
Partners can set up a player easily and configure it instantly. Have a full-service support for your projects. Be self-sufficient and configure players by yourself.
  • Included technical support
  • Included software updates
  • Technical partner support 14/7
  • Access to Waapiti player configuration app
A partner can always count on Waapiti team of experts in software development, project management and content creation for their projects. Count on us for your project definition: type of displays, supports or furniture integration.
  • Technical consultancy
  • 360º expertise in digital communication
We offer our AV professional network for hardware installation & furniture integration.
  • International network of installers
  • Professional furniture designers

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The most customized partner program for AV professionals.

Proven experience in the market is not required. It’s just a plus. This partner program was also made for beginners who think digital signage is too complicated to get involved in. No project is too big or complex for a Waapiti Partner.

Share your ideas with us and we will help you get the resources to make them a success.

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