Digital signage solutions to improve customer experience

Enriching the in-store experiences that the online world is still battling to provide

Turn your digital signage into something more than just a display and go further than just trying to sell a product.
Deliver a custom communication featuring specific storytelling for each product.
Make purchasing a great experience, give an added value to your store.
Discover our secure and reliable solutions to interact with your audience.

Custumer Interaction Solution

lift & learn
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Lift & Learn: RFID tags

Lift a product and get informed about it? It is possible with RFID technology! This solution triggers a customised content, showing detailed information about a product, a demonstration of its use or even a comparison between similar products. Lift & Learn solutions act as a product prescriber and enrich customer experiences. Get customers feeling closer to your brand!

Interactive kiosk: endless aisle, catalogues, e-commerce integration

This Interactive solution is completely customized and adapted to your goals. Do you want to inform, to prescribe, to interact, to sell? Create an interactive tool that organizes, categorizes and synchronize product information with the client database, e-commerce or any required data.

A touch screen running a secure and reliable application, ease to navigate and updated in real-time. Help your customers to find products easily and increase income!

Triggered communication

Surprise your audience switching content on a display. Use any external signal to trigger content. Linked to live weather data to show tailored promotion depending on weather conditions, or connect to general-purpose I/O to trigger emergency messages. Triggered communication can also be connected to any sensor o audience measurement systems that can segment the people in front of your display.

Define your purpose and target your audience!

Interactive allergens catalogue
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