Digital signage solutions for Covid-19 prevention

Helping you succeed in digital transformation with technology adapted to Coronavirus

Discover Waapiti’s technological solutions for preventing Covid-19 propagation in physical spaces, establishments or retail. It complies with security measures, controls the capacity and communicates personalized messages in real-time from a single digital signage platform. Management and control are also available from your smartphone.

In-store occupancy control

Control customer’s flow with this counting solution for digital signage. It guarantees a hygienic and automated access control in any physical space. Inform about the real-time capacity displaying red or green according to the total occupation. Available in different digital signage supports. Easy to integrate if you already have screens.

Additional features:

  • Temperature control
  • Opening of automatic doors
  • Speakers for audio messages
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser
  • Remotely turn on/off the display

Digital communication

Keep your customers informed at any time in your establishment. Dynamically communicate social distancing measures, new schedules and services, as well as promotions. If you already have screens, we can easily connect Waapiti technology. Improve your brand image and move towards the digital transformation of your point of sale.

Smart interactivity

Ensure a positive shopping experience with our contact-less solution. With Smart interactivity, customers will keep interacting with interactive screens by using their smartphone. Check out every information without losing any functionality and guaranteeing the recommended safety and hygiene measures. Instil confidence to your customers and ensure access to all interactive applications without having to physically touch a touchscreen.

Queue management system

Optimize your waiting lines in your point of sale with the queue management solution adapted to the Covid-19 requirements. Shift management is adapted for covid19 prevention measures. There is a virtual ticket available by scanning a QR code, or you can also receive it by SMS. It also integrates the online booking appointment to schedule your visit via the website. In the checkout area, people wait in a single queue, respecting safety distances. This solution provides visual and sound announcements for calling the next customer.