Digital Signage Agency


We are a creative agency

Waapiti’s in-house department is a reference as a creative agency in digital signage, leading content strategies for digital signage projects as well adapting general communication campaigns provided by customers.

Content Creation Process

Consulting, advising and producing the required media for any display.

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Content Creation​

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Management and distribution​

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Data analysis​


We have a long experience in consultancy, advising brands on how to reach marketing campaigns goals. Working with an omnichannel point of view, we adapt the marketing campaigns to digital signage communication.

Media Content Renewal Service

Once you have an impressive digital signage setup, don’t forget the content renewal! A screen playing the same loop over and over again becomes boring, gives a bad impression to your audience, and makes the marketing campaign less effective. We always suggest having a content renewal strategy before it’s too late. Waapiti content department offers a content renewal service so you don’t have to worry about it!

Waapiti content departament offers a content renewal service so you don´t have to worry about it!

Content Creation

We create all kinds of content for your brand, we make animations, infotainment channels, custome videos in high definition adapted the different marketing campaigns of each Brand.
Motion Graphics

We make animation and video creation based on text and images to make them dynamic.


We can work with your briefing and corporate standards, or we can also create a totally custom video.


We create corporate brand videos. High-quality and professional videos to engage your audience.​


We design and develop interactive tools with usability in mind.

HTML Templates

We design and develop templates that you can use to create your own content. Use the same template to generate as many animations as needed.​

Themed Channels

We create infotainment channels using our themed content updated weekly or monthly.

Content management and distribution

Waapiti platform has different access levels, so users with different privileges can be used to manage content, create schedules and distribute media to any display. Your marketing department can easily manage all the media content. 

“if you don’t have a content manager we can do it for you!”

Data analysis

Digital signage analytics give you accurate feedback about your marketing campaign at the point of sale. Get insights of who is looking at your screens and when. With digital signage it is very simple to test campaigns and discover which ads are most effective.