Digital signage solutions to improve communication

Solving the digital brand communication

Digital signage is shaping the communication at the point of sale.
Physical stores have the power to awaken the senses.
This brings the opportunity to brands to be connected with consumers at any time.

Digital Communication Solutions

Window digital signage

Your target clients are walking in front of your window display, there is no better moment to inform them and make a difference with the content on your digital displays. Let us help you define the most suitable display technology according to your window display conditions: brightness and sizes. Communicate in your window display to engage with clients before they even enter your store.

Corporate communication

In corporate environments, digital signage has very different requirements in order to communicate with your employees and customers. Waapiti allows you to display information from many sources such as weather, RSS, social media, or any other data that is reachable online. Decide between different screens and multiples partitioned layouts!


Menu board

An easy solution for quick-service or fast-food restaurants that need to configure different digital menus during the day. The Menu board solution allows you to communicate a message whenever you need, and target your audience at certain times of the day or specific days with schedules offers. Manage content using custom templates and update them instantly in all your restaurants.

Queue management

Nobody wants to wait in a line with nothing to do, so why don’t we engage with this audience? Waapiti allows to control customer flow and entertain or inform on the same display, improving the customer experience.

Combine a queue management system with digital signage and make waiting times feel shorter.