Digital signage solutions to improve engagement

Discovering customers behaviour to offer a customized message

When digital signage goes beyond just digitizing paper processes and displaying amazing content. The first to decide is our goals and KPI’s to analyze. There are different data collecting systems that can be intelligently linked with Waapiti digital signage platform. Discover different analytics to understand customer engagement, to create effective campaigns and to enhance the customer experience.

Data Analytics Solutions

Wifi tracking

People need to be connected at any time and anywhere. This technology is based on Wi-Fi access points, it’s possible to collect data from connected devices and even from devices with open wireless wifi. You get in-store analytics about new and returning customers, in order to trigger promotions to see which ones respond to more. Measure the flow of visitors inside your shop!

Audience measurement

Would you like to know who is watching your displays, understanding who is most interested in each content? Collect relevant information about your potential customers -gender, ages, emotions, attention time, content impressions, OTS (opportunity to see)- and show targeted advertisements.
Improve campaign efficiency with the audience segmentation solution for digital signage.

customer satisfaction app

People counter

How many potential shoppers do you get in your store? Understand the number of shoppers entering your store at certain times or days, which are the most visited areas, and compare them with the number of buyers you get. Discover the effectiveness of your campaigns. Are they effective? Go even further and discover if the staff is correctly allocated when most customers are in your store.

Satisfaction survey

Find out which is your customers level of satisfaction with an interactive poll. Define your purpose and choose the questions. Use rating scales to get several insights about each question and visualize it in real-time. With digital satisfaction surveys, you can change the questions to adapt them to your marketing objectives at any time. Efficient solutions for brands who care about customers satisfaction.