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Allergens APP

Allergens interactive solution for supermarkets

We designed and developed an interactive solution for retailers to provide allergens information of non-prepacked foods. This tool is synchronized in real-time with the client database and shows different products depending on each establishment.

responsive app

Garden furniture catalogue available anywhere

Interactive catalogue and product promotion: these are the two goals of these screens. The touch screens are used as a non-interactive display during the periods with no active campaign. Additionally, the app is responsive and can be deployed online, and used by the end client from any browser or device, outside the store.

Customer satisfaction survey

Interactive customer survey with real-time data

This interactive tool allows to find out the customers opinion about different aspects of the store, and to collect data and visualize it in real-time. The solution has been installed near the cash registers, on a 15.6″ all-in-one touch screen integrated into a custom desktop furniture.